The dosimeters which are used to measure the presence of radon must be returned to the AccuStar Labs laboratory.

In order for the tests to be valid, they must be received within a certain time frame which varies depending on the type of test performed.

The return shipment of your dosimeters to the laboratory is an important step which is not to be neglected. By purchasing a prepaid, preaddressed shipping label, you will ensure the adequate completion of your radon test.

Enter the model and quantity of the dosimeter(s) you want to send back to the laboratory, so we can determine which types of shipping are available:

Long Term Radon Test Kit for Radon in Air - Alpha Track AT100
Short Term Radon Test Kit for Radon in Air - Liquid Scintillation CLS100
Test Kit for Radon in Water - Liquid Scintillation WT100