AccuStar Radon Test Kits Forms


Long Term Radon Test
Alpha Track AT-100

Accessing the online portal for individual testing
Datasheet: for customers not having access to the internet.
Use this instruction guide for AccuStar’s AT-100 long term single or double test kit.

Large Project – Instructions
Large Project – Datasheet
Guidance and data sheet for simultaneous testing in a large number of locations with AccuStar’s alpha track devices.


Short Term Radon Tests
Liquid Scintiallation Vial Radon Test Kits

Datasheet – to be completed and sent with test
Use these forms with AccuStar’s LS vial single or double test kit

Large Project – Instructions
Large Project – Data Sheet
Use this form for radon testing large projects with AccuStar’s LS vial devices.


Radon in Water

Radon in Water Test Kit – Instructions and Data Sheet
Guidance for water sample collection for analysis by AccuStar Labs


Lost Return Envelope or Customs Declaration (return instructions)

For lost envelope or customs declaration click here.



Helpful information about radon

Health Canada

Radon – What you need to know
A general overview of the radon problematic

Radiation and your health
Videos about Radon

Health Canada’s radon resource centre
Radon Publications