Tarion’s Radon Warranty

TARION’s mandate is to ensure that all TARION warranty homes are safe for the homeowner. Testing with the ACCUSTAR AT-100 will determine if your home’s air quality is within Health Canada’s guideline. If radon is found in your home above Health Canada’s guideline, the cost of mitigation and repair is covered under TARION’s new home warranty program. But first, you must test!

Radon and Your Tarion Warranty

This video explains what radon is, how to measure it, and how to make a warranty claim if the radon level in your home is above Health Canada’s guideline.

Tarion Coverage

  • In the first 2 years of coverage, costs associated with mitigation are covered by the builder. It is up to the builder to select a radon mitigation company, but for the health of you and your loved ones, insist on a C-NRPP mitigation specialist.
  • For homes more than two years old and within the 7 years coverage period, the TARION new home warranty program provides coverage.
  • Good news. The warranty is on the house and not the homeowner.
For more information on your warranty coverage, visit Tarion at www.tarion.com

The C-NRPP certified long-term Alpha Track dosimeter test kit (AT100) is an easy to use and reliable method of radon testing. Each kit contains one detector, an instruction manual, a data sheet, and a return pre-labeled envelope.

AccuStar Canada provides comprehensive, confidential and accurate radon testing. All analysis is undertaken at the AccuStar Labs. The laboratory analysis fee and report are included in the cost of each kit.

At the end of the testing period, you will need to return the detector (and data sheet) for analysis. Result reports are sent to the email address supplied on the data sheet within 15 days of receiving the dosimeter.