Online Test Results

Input your radon test kit device number and the postal code where the test was performed in the text fields below in order to retrieve your test result. The system will inform you if the device has been received by the lab but not yet analyzed. If you receive a message that your results are not available, the lab may not have received your device. Depending on your location, it may take up to 2 weeks with Canada Post Air Mail for the unit to reach the laboratory. Reports are typically available within 15 days of receiving the unit for the exception of peek season (spring and summer) where it may take 30 days (not applicable during COVID-19).


Once the unit(s) have been analyzed, the report will be emailed to the address provided on the datasheet. Please verify your spam or junk folders. If you did not provide an email, then a paper copy will be mailed to the address that was provided on the datasheet. Expect a longer turn-a-round time to receive it.

If you omitted to write down the device number on page 4 of the user guide, email us and we will try to locate the dosimeter.

Email us by clicking here with:

  • Complete name;
  • Date that the unit was mailed;
  • Complete address and postal code of tested address


COVID MESSAGE: Please be advised that due to the ongoing situation regarding the Covid-19, the laboratory is taking extra precautions to ensure their employee safety. With this said,  this is creating longer turn-a-round processing time and they are making every effort to ensure every unit is processed as quickly as possible. Once available it will be emailed to the address provided or you may view and download from this website.

The laboratory is currently indexing (not reporting) units received April 20 2021 anything received after this date will not appear in the online device lookup. Please try again at a later date.

NOTE: Pending status indicates that the unit is in queue to be analyzed and due to the pandemic, the lab is unable to go any quicker. The current processing time is 45 days from the date received..