Online Test Results

Report Ready in About 20 Days (30 Days for Large Projects)

We aim to deliver your report within 20 business days for single units. For larger projects, turnaround time may be closer to 30 days depending on the amount submitted. Please note that turnaround times may increase slightly during the late spring and summer months due to higher volume. Once your report is available, we’ll send it directly to your inbox. Double-check your spam/junk folder in case it lands there.

Track Your Report Status

Use the “GET RESULTS” button to:

  • Check the status of your report.
  • Download your report if it’s ready.
  • Obtain a new copy if you’ve lost the original.

What “PENDING” Means

A “PENDING” status indicates your unit is either awaiting or undergoing analysis.

Encountering Issues?

If you see an error message, please try again later. It means that the report is not yet arrived at the lab. It will appear once it has been received and scanned.

Can’t locate Your Device Number?

While we do not keep track of your device number, email us by clicking here and provide your name, mailing date, and complete address. We’ll do our best to locate your unit.

Thank You for Your Patience!

We appreciate your understanding as the lab works to deliver your report as quickly as possible.