Prepaid Return Shipping for 26 to 100 Long Term Tests – read complete description before ordering


Prepaid shipping label to send 26 to 100pcs Alpha Track Long Term Radon Test, to the Lab. Please read the description before ordering.

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Prepaid shipping label to send 26 to 100 Alpha Tracks Long Term Radon Tests to the Lab into 1 single envelope.

If you ordered this item with a radon test, you’ll receive a prepaid return envelope with your test(s).

If ordering this as stand-alone product, you will be emailed a PDF label. Note that shipping fees will be applied corresponding to the administrative process of manually creating the PDF label. Expect to receive the shipping label by email within 1-2 business days, if you ordered this item alone.

This prepaid return shipping service is more expensive than if you ship your radon test yourself.


  • The envelope or label must be used within 5 months of ordering otherwise it will be declined by Canada Post.
  • AccuStar Canada is not responsible for late or lost shipments to the laboratory by Canada Post.