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Postage Requirement

Return shipping is not included in any of the products sold, but rather available at an additional cost:

Long term test kits: If you’re unsure if you’ve purchased the prepaid return shipping, look in the upper right corner of the return envelope and if it has ‘’postage required’’ than you must pay at the post office.

Short term and water tests: If you have purchased return shipping, look for the FedEx return shipping within your order. Keep all documents inside the pouch. If still unsure, kindly ask for additional guidance with the FedEx clerk during return drop-off.


  • The Canada Post fee on your invoice is the charge to ship your purchase to you.
  • The prepaid return envelope (or label) to the lab is optional with your purchase.
    • If you are not sure if you purchased a prepaid return envelope, look in the top right corner of the envelope and if it written “postage required“, then you will be required to pay postage at the post office.

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